Vidsy has changed its name to Scriptnami

We’re excited to announce that on May 1st, 2020, the software service known as Vidsy has changed its name to Scriptnami.

Why the change?

The short version:

It describes what the product does much better, and it relates better to our new video creation product “Vidnami”

The long version:

When we launched the Vidsy product at the start of June in 2014 we had big plans. The scope of Vidsy was to not only help our customers easily create the copy (words) for their video sales messages, but also create the actual videos too!

This is why the product name was called “Vidsy” – with the “Vid” relating to video, and the “sy” suggesting “Easy”.

Not long into the development of this product it was really obvious to us that the sales copy writing features by itself posessed tremendous value to customers. So we launched Vidsy – limiting the scope of the product to writing sales copy, and helping customers generate the powerpoint presentations that could then be used to create video sales letters.

This was incredibly successful, and Vidsy has almost 10,000 customers who have created over 15,000 sales messages!

Instead of complicating the existing Vidsy product with complete video creation functionality, we created a new product focused on video creation called “Vidnami” (formerly called “Content Samurai”).

As you can appreciated, having two similarly named products called “Vidsy” and “Vidnami” can create some confusion for customers.

That’s why we’ve rebranded Vidsy to be called “Scriptnami” to better highlight the video message script-writing features.

What is the difference between Vidsy and Scriptnami?

It’s only a name change. There’s no difference. Same product – just a different name.

How can I get access to Scriptnami?

You can use your existing Vidsy login email address and password to log in to https://app.scriptnami.com

If you’ve forgotten your password, then you can reset it from this page

If you can’t remember your email address, please reach out to our friendly suport team and we’ll help you out.

What happens to all my existing Vidsy scripts?

All your existing sales messages and scripts can be found unchanged in the new Scriptnami app.

Is Scriptnami still run by the same company?

Sure is. Scriptnami is still owned and operated by the same company Noble Samurai. Nothing’s changed there.

Are there any pricing changes?

Scriptnami will be offered at the same pricing as before. If you have an existing Vidsy subscription, you’ll be continued to be charged the same as before.

Will I see anything different in my Paypal Transactions?

No. Unfortunately Paypal is quite limited, so we’re not able to change the name of the product if you have an existing Vidsy subscription.

If you originally signed up with the Vidsy product then you’ll continue to be billed for a product called Vidsy. Rest assured you still have full access to Scriptnami even if your Paypal invoices say “Vidsy”

Similarly, if you log in to the Noble Samurai Account System, and you previously purchased Vidsy, you’ll see the Vidsy product in your list of purchased products, but you’ll still have 100% complete access to Scriptnami. All your invoices and billing agreements will also have the old Vidsy name on them.

Can I still use Vidsy on app.vidsy.com?

When you try to access www.vidsy.com or app.vidsy.com you’ll be automatically redirected to the relevant Scriptnami site.

Just log in with your previous Vidsy email address and passwords and you’ll have full access.

What’s the meaning behind the new name Scriptnami?

The name Scriptnami comes from the word “Script” (for video sales scripts) and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of creating a wave of influence using video marketing messages.

We feel it’s a more modern name, that still retains that connection with the Japanese “Samurai” brand.

Will all the existing Scriptnami sales templates be available?

Absolutely. All your existing favorite sales templates are still available. We haven’t change any of that.

What’s the relationship between Scriptnami and Vidnami?

Scriptnami and Vidnami are designed to complement each other and work together:

  • Scriptnami – creates the “words that sell” or “copy” for your marketing videos.
  • Vidnami – the video creation platform that can take your sales message, and add professional video clips, music, images and voice over audio to create your finished video that you can upload to YouTube or your favourite social media platform. It also does a lot of other stuff that you can find more about by visiting https://www.vidnami.com

I’m a little confused. Can you explain your products and all your names again?

Sure. Here goes:

  • Scriptnami (formerly Vidsy) – our Videos sales message writing software. It guides you through the process of generating the “words that sell” behind your video sales messages. It can also takes those words and turn them into a powerpoint presentation that you can use to generate Video Sales Letters (VSLs).
  • Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) – our Video Creation Platform. It can takes the text generated by Scriptnami, and combines it with live video, high quality stock video clips, images, and music clips, and voice overs to produce the physical videos that you can upload to YouTube or social media sites.
  • Noble Samurai – That’s the name of our company! You’ll continue to receive emails from us coming from the  support@noblesamurai.com email address.
  • Market Samurai – Our keyword research desktop software.

I’m having some issues or have some questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach out to our friendly suport team and we’ll help answer any questions you have.

Vidsy is now Scriptnami  —Read the announcement